I'm so in love with the Gap jeans ad with the marker illustrations (though it was already some time back) that I'm considering to update the look of my website, yet again. I know that it is rather unhealthy to keep on changing the look as it might confuse the regular visitors (if any) but I'm not entirely satisfied yet with how it looks right now and I see it as a 'work in progress'.
Some points to consider when incorporating 'the doodle' illustration:
  • to make sure that it does not look kiddish.
  • make sure it doesnt look messy, though the problem now is that it looks too neat and the clean lines is kinda stiff and rigid.
  • colour? it will set the tone, u noe.

Is it wise to use the doodle concept... lets talk it through:

  • the doodle.. the scribble.. the handwriting = gives it a personal touch, human touch
  • a handwriting glows with personality, and since we want to enhance the personalised gift service, this will compliment it.
  • unique, individual, easy going, free-spirited, alive, dare to be yourself, care-free
  • stand out from the typical 'arial-ed' type websites
  • reflects the creative side of the brand
Ok... so bear this is mind:
  1. Control the illustrations. Don't let it go on too wild.
  2. Determine the colour and tones to match with header.
  3. Determine your graphics, elements, must be relevant.
  4. Write an concept rationale to be included in the 'about us'.
  5. At a glance, the new website MUST reflect the brand's personality.
  6. Balance the illustrations with the typed-content.