Arabic Makeup + Belly Dancing

Attended a hen-party last night with an arabian theme, where we had an arabic makeup workshop, belly dancing lessons and ended the night with a feast fit for royalty.
Bad news is, i'm still high on arabia, cos I'm starting to consider belly dancing as a form of exercise and workout, and i'm itching to try out more arabian makeup style after watching some more vids on youtube.
(take note of the location. i think its a cafe with beuooootiful interior design!)
Though I must remember to consider the rules and guidelines for a muslimah to put on THIS much make-up. Also, the risk of looking like a drag queen rather than arabian. haha.

Am currently in love with almost everything arabic, except for the men (though i used to date one but thats ancient history) becos of that stoopid incident with those dumb-ass arab boys *blurgghh*. But hijab style, makeup, apparel, colours, moods, fashion, interiors, architecture, everything.... I LOVE ÉM!!!!!

... which i figure is a great if not better way to go, to differentiate yourself from the 'indo' trends that looks rather untasteful and dirt-common, if not already dated.
I guess the trick though is to adapt it to asian style (face shape, culture and norms) and creatively recreate the look with whats readily available here.
In terms of market, if one can manage to pull this off successfully, is even more upmarket, classy and trendy.
ARABIA... the next 'IT' look in asia.
(and i'm not talking about black abayas, sumhow that didnt really catch on here, but the casual, staple, everyday wear, chic-wearable look)